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Just as in the word outreach, we believe in going outside of the four walls and reaching out to people who may never want to step foot in a church or have been hurt by the church before and introduce them to a God that loves them and wants His best for their lives. We aim to be the answer that the community needs in job placements, clothing, and feeding by letting our lives be the living epistles and mirrors that reflect the love of Jesus. 


God's Word

Our foremost desire is to exemplify the Word of God, ensuring that the love of Jesus shines brightly upon His people. It's our way of assuring them that God's enduring love remains unwavering, and His yearning for a deep, personal relationship with each of them.



At The Gathering, we understand that the need for food goes beyond holiday seasons. We've established The Gathering Community Center Warehouse to address this crucial need consistently. It is through your generous support and donations that we are able to fulfill our mission of being our brothers' and sisters' keepers.


Clothing & Care Packages

In addition to nourishing the spirit and soul, we are committed to clothing our brothers and sisters in need, ensuring they are equipped for every season. Our outreach extends to providing essential clothing items for men, women, and children, along with personal care items, to meet their practical needs.

See A Need, Meet A Need

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